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H&G Realty-NY Inc has been helping Buyers and Sellers achieve their dreams since 1987. Our Core Values have enabled us to maintain a High Level Of Service that our Buyers and Sellers demand and deserve.

H&G Realty Core Values:
To make "Your #1 Goal Our #1 Goal"
Live by the "Get By Giving" Philosophy
Live up to my Standards, despite the Temptation to Lower them
Always "Do What I Say I Will Do, Sometimes More, But Never Less"
Live by the Realtors "Code Of Ethics and Standard of Practice"

H&G Realty is a members of the Multiple Listing Service Of Long Island which allows us to reach thousands of agents in Suffolk, Nassau and Queens County to help our sellers sell their home quicker for the most money possible and to help our Buyers find their dream home.


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Miller Place

A hamlet in Suffolk County, NY, Miller Place has been inhabited since the 17th century, named after the Miller family which included many of the initial settlers. Mostly an agricultural focused society, the changes made in the 20th century transformed Miller Place into a bustling suburban area, with a population of almost 13.000 residents.


Selden and Center Reach are hamlets located in Suffolk County, NY. Selden is the smaller of the two, with a population of nearly 20.000 residents, while Center Reach has almost 32.000 residents. In total, both hamlets cover an area of 13 square miles, all land.


Manorville is located in the town of Brookhaven, nestled in the pine barrens region of Suffolk County. It is the largest hamlet in all of New York, United States. Manorville has seen a large influx of single-family homes and senior communities in the past five to ten years.


With a population of nearly 40.000 residents, Coram is a hamlet located in the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk, NY. Considered the oldest settlement in the central part of Brookhaven, it was formerly known as Wincoram, speculated that it was named after a native american who live there in the 1700's.

Middle Island

Middle Island is a hamlet in Suffolk County, NY, with a population of approximatelly 10.400 residents. Named for it's location at the center of Long Island, Middle Island covers and area of 8.3 square miles, mostly land, and has a few notable likes such as Spring Lake, Artist Lake, and Pine Lake.


A hamlet in Suffolk County, NY, Ridge has a population of almost 14.000 residents and covers an area of about 13.3 square miles, most of it land. It is refered to as the Gateway to the Pine Barrens due to it's location at the northwestern end of Long Island.


Founded in 1739, Yaphank is a hamlet located in Suffolk County, NY, with a small population of approximatelly 6000 residents, and covering an area of 13.8 square miles. Formerly known as Millville due to its numerous mills along the Carmans River, it was later renamed after the native american wod Yamphanke, meaning "bank of the river".


Famous for Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower, Shoreham is an incorporated village in Suffolk County, NY. Covering only half a mile, it has a very small population of only 531 residents, as of the 2010 census, and is commonly refered to as East Shoreham by most people.

Wading River

Wading River is a hamlet located in Suffolk County, NY. It has a population of almost 8000 residents, and covers an area of almost 10 square miles. The earliest known records show that Wading River was most probably founded in 1671 by eight colonial families.

Rocky Point

Located in Suffolk County, NY, Rocky Point is a hamlet with 14.000 residents, and an area of 11.3 square miles, all land. It was here that the first transatlantic commercial telephone service was initiated, linking London and New York.

Sound Beach

Formerly known as Graham Beach, South Beach is a neighborhood on the East Shore of Staten Island. The area was most famous for its summer beach colony consisting of many bungalows and tents, and expanded in the 20th century into a sprawling community.


With a population of almost 12.000 residents, Mt.Sinai is a hamlet located in Suffolk County, NY. It covers an area of 6.4 square miles, and was formerly known as Old Mans, but was renamed in the 1840's. Earliest records show that Mt. Sinai was settled sometime in the 1660s.

Port Jefferson

Port Jefferson is an incorporated village in Suffolk County, New York. It has a population of 7,750 residents, and covers an area of 3.1 square miles. It is informally known as Port Jeff, and was settled back in the 17th century as an shipbuilding center.

Pt. Jeff Station

A hamlet in the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, NY, Port Jefferson Station has a population of 7,838 residents, and covers an area of 2.6 square miles, all land. It was originally known as Comsewogue, and its first Colonial resident, William Tooker, arrived in 1750.

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